A social App for privately sharing frustrations and joys, and for easily sending and receiving emotional support
with others.
Express what is making you shake your head, love life, or need a hug with a simple picture, video, or some words. Choose who to share your story with, and how long before it disappears. Get back reactions from your friends in the form of emoji characters and comments. Let others show they care, and do the same for them.

Your stories can be as private as you want, and will disappear forever in 24 hours or less at your choosing. Share with as many or as few as you like without worrying about leaving a history trail.
Show your friends
you support them with
a wide variety
of emoji characters
Share your stories and receive reactions from your friends to increase your MyWhy status level.

The more you share, the higher your status and free tokens level. Life is full of reasons why we love our lives, shake our heads, or need a hug. We all have MyWhys, what are yours?
You can download our App is App Store or Google Play for free